Image by incluDesign

Image by incluDesign


Client: Friends of Nepal Association

Location: Purano Jhangajoli, Nepal

The Education Centre of Excellence is a modern learning and technology hub and civic centre designed for rural communities. BioUrbem collaborated with FONA, incluDesign and the University of Melbourne in the development of the masterplan, specifically designing an innovative water harvesting and rain garden filtration system that provides safe drinking water; a biogas waste management system provides safe sanitation and waste management and clean gas for cooking in the canteen; and a play area that builds on the challenge of a steep site, for fun, exploration and physical challenge.

Port Wellington

Environmental Effects Statement

Client: Seacombe West

Location: Lake Wellington, Victoria, Australia

The proposed Port Wellington development is a project to transfer ~2.3 ha of land to the Victorian Government to build a public port, connecting and improving economic, social, and environmental outcomes for the Lake Wellington region and its community.

Extract from EES

Extract from EES

Sustainability discovery assessment

Client: Melbourne Building Management

Location: Melbourne, Australia

BioUrbem undertook a sustainability assessment of current practices for 8 buildings and elaborated a report with recommendations to implement in order to obtain Green Star - Performance rating.